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Marriage Counseling through Individual Counseling

Helping you with:

Relationship Conflict
Communication Skills
Financial Disagreements
Sexual Issues
Forgiving Past Hurts
Parenting Differences
Meeting Each Other's Needs
Make Your Mate Feel Loved

Early Morning Sessions Available

Growing more distant from your partner?

Feel like you’re talking and no one is listening, or cares?

Think you’ve tried everything to fix the relationship,

and don’t know what else to do?


Is this as good as marriage gets? Really?


When home life is either a cold war or a constant battle, you start to wonder if you should stay married or get divorced.


If your marriage isn’t working it can feel like nothing is working.  You feel drained, defeated, and demotivated.  You might even start trying to remember how and why you got together in the first place.  Maybe it’s hard to even remember you were ever deeply in love.


Most couples suffer for years 

in this kind of situation.


But you don’t have to!

When your marriage isn’t working, everything in your life is affected -- job, children, other relationships, health, social and recreational activities, and so on.  It’s the only thing on your mind no matter where you are, or who you’re with.


If you and your spouse are not together on essential issues like communication, finances, the children, etc.,  you might think it will be impossible to ever get on the same page.  All you can see right now is that you can’t understand or get through to each other.


Maybe you believe you’ve tried everything. Possibly you are living each day feeling like a big ball of anger! Perhaps anger seems like the only emotion you can feel. And you feel it so much that you get easily frustrated, and spout off about anything and everything. 



What if counseling CAN make it better?


Studies show that when couples have marriage problems, they wait an average of 7 years before seeking help. Maybe you too are hesitant to make an appointment with a marriage therapist. But while you wait, you or your partner is likely to shut down verbally, physically, emotionally, or withdraw entirely from the relationship.


Waiting to get counseling has a high cost:


  • Physical and emotional health are impaired

  • Substance abuse issues can start or flare up

  • Productivity suffers at work, endangering your job

  • Sleep is disturbed, impacting daytime focus

  • Children feel the tension, act out, or start failing at school

  • Friends get tired of hearing about it, and pull away

  • Infidelity temptations increase

  • Separation and divorce attorneys make things worse

But here’s the good news -- Your life and relationship doesn’t have to be this way!!! 


As a therapist who has been married for 35 years, I can teach you ways of reducing conflict, increasing communication, and improving your understanding of each other.  In a few short sessions I can help enrich your marriage and get you on track like never before.


You’ll learn to decrease negative emotions and increase positive emotions with your partner. The two of you can become a stronger more confident couple. 


Feeling confident and positive about your relationship can start right now!

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Imagine having a partner in life, and tackling situations as a team! Imagine both of you being kindly assertive about your needs, and wanting to help each other get those needs met. Imagine looking forward to putting time and energy into other things that are important to you.


This can happen. I know how to help make it so. 

You can start regaining all the love, understanding,

and energy your relationship used to have.

I specialize in assisting individuals to calm down, hear each other, and find the way to have a relationship that is mutually satisfying.   I use communication skills and tools to help you practice your new skills in a fun and interesting way.  Yes --  it actually can be fun! 


And here’s a huge bonus -- These skills will be helpful with all of your other relationships at home and at work.

Maybe you are wondering if Individual counseling could really work for you.


That’s a common worry, but I can tell you confidently that yes, it will work for you if you give it a fair chance.


Getting counseling for your relationship will help you understand how men and women think and how we communicate differently.  When you have a problem you can’t solve,  bring it to the session.  We will work it out together and you will see firsthand how to solve it next time on your own. 


Maybe a divorced friend says that counseling doesn’t work.


Perhaps it didn’t. Perhaps your friend and their spouse had already made up their minds to end their marriage.  Perhaps they put their priority on acquiring material displays of success instead of investing in themselves as successful relationship partners.


Counseling works when you stick with it and work the process.  You will learn how to listen, hear what is being said, and then reassure your partner that they are being heard.  It can actually be very exciting and Fun!  (Did I say Fun!)


Maybe you think a therapist takes sides.


Good counselors don’t take sides. I can guarantee you that I don’t agree with one side and attack the other. That’s never a productive way to reach understanding and harmony.


What I will do is help you to discuss your grievances, air your festering feelings, and see each other’s perspectives.  Even if counseling seems scary and the last option, don’t wait. A neutral third party who has your marriage as a goal, is what you’ll find in me! When you are ready to learn how to make your relationship work, I have all the tools and techniques you need.


Maybe you think your spouse will never go to a therapist.


That might be true, but it doesn’t have to stop you from getting counseling for improving your relationship.  Often when one partner makes changes in how they respond to the other, the whole relationship shifts and improves. Don’t let fear or the unknown, or your spouse’s reticence, stop you from trying it. 

I am a unique kind of relationship fixer. I have more than 35 years’ experience of being married and believe me, we’ve been through many difficult life experiences together.  Some have pulled us apart at times, but overall has made our marriage stronger and we are genuinely and completely experiencing each other to the fullest.  I will teach you what my husband and I do to communicate and understand each other. 


I have been a therapist for 21 years and started out in a clinical setting and then moved to my own private practice.  This allows me to fully cater to my clients with privacy, and a comfortable office.   My experience has included helping others deal with death, trauma, severe injuries, abuse, conflict, and more.  I’ve heard it all.


Ready to start having a better marriage?

Then why wait?  Call today. 


It can take as few as 2 to 6 sessions feel that you have received enough tools to continue improving your relationship on  own.  The more sessions you have, the quicker change will occur.


In the first session we will quickly evaluate what is going on in the relationship, review your goals together, and then work on identifying your emotional needs and how to get them met. 


I offer weekend appointments as well as extended sessions from 1, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, and 3 hours, per your request for those who wish to work intensively.



Isn’t it time to fix the most central relationship in your life?

Call 586-731-7808 now

Or send me a request to call you.

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