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Individual Psychotherapy

Focusing on
Domestic Abuse
Self Esteem
Thinking Disorders
Trauma & PTSD
Early Morning Sessions Available

Are you confused, anxious, depressed and don’t know why?

Searching for something better in life, career, or relationships?

Want to be the best you’ve ever been, but don’t know how?


It can feel so depressing and anxiety-provoking to not be able to figure things out.  Whether it is your relationship, career, family, or health, if you feel there are no good choices and no way out, daily life becomes unbearable.


You probably have tried your best to give it time, or make what you thought would be the right changes. But so far, nothing has worked like you wanted it to.

Brookside Counseling

Candace Daniels, LMSW


Feeling stuck, frustrated, and unhappy is a hard place to be in.


This can lead to:

  • being unmotivated

  • decreasing productivity

  • feeling paralyzed

  • having health or sleep problems

  • withdrawing from your social life


Over the long term, you are probably spending time and energy on doctors and medications that cannot cure the underlying emotional or thought-process causes for what is ailing you.


As a therapist, I can help!  Give yourself an opportunity to explore the options that will help you figure out how to get to your destination.  It can happen quickly or you can take your time.  It is your journey.

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Maybe you’re thinking you’ve had therapy before and it didn’t help.


Therapy works best when there is a good fit between the client and the counselor.  That’s why I want you to know that I specialize in helping people like you figure things out.  With me, you’ll get the best psychotherapeutic techniques available to work through bothersome thoughts and feelings. 


I do my best to help you:

  • Explore your options and choose your destiny

  • Take the time to figure things out for yourself

  • Get assumptions gently challenged

  • Find answers to your questions

You don’t want medication, and I agree with your choice.


Medication helps some people, but it’s not for everyone. That’s why you’ll get the natural approach from me -- I believe in herbs and alternative medicine, deep breathing, yoga methods, exercise, and nutrition. So you can expect some suggestions that go beyond behavior logs and talking scripts that you may have encountered in previous counseling.


Whether it is depression, or anxiety, or simply not feeling as fulfilled with life as you should be, we can clarify where you need to be headed, and determine how to get you there. 


Maybe you’ve never had therapy before, and aren’t sure how it works.


Getting counseling for things that you want to change in life empowers you to understand yourself better.  The very core of therapy is learning how to listen to yourself more fully, communicate more effectively, and understand others more easily.

Are you feeling really nervous to make that call and come in?


I understand. Starting something new naturally brings up a bit of nervousness. That’s why I encourage you in our first meeting to ask all the questions you have. And I’ll ask you some too. We’ll get to know each other a bit, and then get to work on tackling the obstacles that are prompting you to reach for new resources.


There’s nothing to lose – except what’s bothering you

Call 586-731-7808  or email today

and let’s get started.

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